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Trailers play a crucial role in video game development.

Game trailers come in many different formats, from concept reveals to gameplay showcases. They are often used to promote crowdfunding campaigns and community facing platforms. To be effective, it is imperative that trailers have compelling music. The music should grab the viewers attention and take them on a ride. It should perfectly complement the trailer’s visuals. When it ends, the viewer should look like a deer in headlights. In a good way. That is John’s main objective when composing music for a game trailer.

John McKiever specializes in science fiction, fantasy, and horror music for game trailers. All music is custom made and composed to accompany every aspect of a trailer. Armed with hundreds of instruments (from modern-day synths to medieval sackbuts), John is fully equipped to create an extraordinary soundtrack to your trailer. Whether the visuals are already rendered, or just stick figures on a storyboard, John will seamlessly step in to any state of the creative process to collaborate with your team.

music for video game trailer

A view of JM’s digital audio workstation as he composes music for a sci-fi game trailer.

John has worked with many great indie developers. He takes great pride in helping them create incredible trailers. From Kickstarter campaigns to Greenlit games on Steam, he understands the power and importance of an effective trailer. Along with that, he is very passionate about providing an engaging and entertaining experience for avid gamers like himself. If needed, he can provide other services as well. Services include sound design, voice talent acquisition, and mixing mastering for digital platforms.

Below are examples of custom music I’ve composed for various indie game trailers. If you’re interested in working with me, please feel free to reach out and contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Iron Tides Trailer for Square Enix Collective.

All music and sound design composed and created by John McKiever

Bleak Fortress Trailer Music for Pyroswarm Ent.

All music and sound design composed and created by John McKiever