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To create this Minigun I began by referencing real world applications. After becoming familiar with how it operates, its fire-rate, and round caliber, I started by recreating a full-auto loop using these found parameters.

To do so, I processed 10 or 12 Dragunov PSL rounds (same size as minigun) to capture a close range gunshot with minimal decay.  I then replicated the high-speed fire rate of the minigun allowing for variation.  On the tail of this full-auto loop I applied  a medium range decay of the Dragunov’s natural echo. I’ll spare you from listing my effects chain, but there were many used here.

At this point it was sounding quite realistic but it needed a menacing touch. So to beef it up I added in a few household items to capture the mechanical  tones and sheer power that a mingun wields. For width I added in heavily processed vacuum cleaners, the kind that your mom made you push across your carpet as a kid. And for the mechanical wind up/down? It’s a coffee grinder converted into an altered beast.

Finally, I needed to recreate the sounds of shells hitting the ground. This process was similar to the full-auto fire, however I used Reason’s NN-XT loaded with a dozen single casing dropping on concrete. I matched the tempo with the weapons fire rate, along with humanized quantization and random triggering.

To match the environmental reverb I applied an impulse response captured in an abandoned nuclear reactor hall.

All sounds in this video have been recreated by me for demonstration purposes.