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Tycho Recon (Ludum Dare 34)

A friend and I decided to take the Ludum Dare Challenge, we had 72 hours to create a game from scratch. The theme for the challenge was “2 Button Controls”. I handled the audio, he handled the programming and art. Here’s what we came up with!


Your Mothership has crash-landed on an unknown celestial body. You and your crew have set up base camp, however, your supply crates were scattered across miles of treacherous terrain. Without the supply crates your crew will perish. Your hovercraft appears to have sustained no damage. As the only surviving pilot it is up to you to retrieve the supply crates and return to base.

– You can carry a maximum of 3 supply crates at the same time.
– You must brake in order to grab a supply crate.
– Each time you brake your score decreases.
– Each time you grab a supply crate, your weight increases.
– You must reach the other side of each stage with at least TWO crates to complete the stage.

– You must complete the 4 stages with the most collected crates and the best score. Good luck!

– ‘B’ for braking.
– ‘Space’ for jumping.

– Sébastien Guillemette (Programming, Graphics)
– John McKiever (Sound, Music, Logo)

Play it here: Web

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